At least three times a day I schedule mini-vacations for myself. I call them mini-vacations because each one lasts about 25 minutes. My mini-vacations, by definition, are time away from daily stressors. Daily stressors can come at us from all arenas of our life—work, family, communication, marriage, relationships, environment, illness, and simply an overactive mind moving at the speed of light.

In an article I read recently about the top happiest nations in the world, the United States ranked at 150 on that list. Pretty pathetic, I thought. And then I read further about the island nation of Vanuatu which ranked #1 in the world. “Wow,” I thought. “Where is Vanuatu and how do I get there?”

It was with that question I realized that I can and do frequently visit Vanuatu three times a day for 25 minute intervals. I’ve created my own Vanuatu by making the time for my mini-vacations—mini-vacations that I walk away from feeling as if I am a resident of the #1 happiest nation in the world—myself!

The peace, joy, inspiration, gratitude, balance, and calm I create within myself and project onto my outer world is much like having my own private Vanuatu. I visit Vanuatu anytime I make time for practicing meditation, deep relaxation exercises, deep breathing exercises, singing at the top of my lungs songs that soothe my soul and emotions, daily hikes with my dog, Shiatsu and Yoga stretching, imagery exercises and chanting.

I invite you all to book your own mini-vacations daily. And the next time you visit Vanuatu within yourself know that I am smiling with you.